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Jointer keeps the listing agent as a dual agent and get paid by partnering with the buyer side.

How Does It Work ?


Complete the online LOI template to design what kind of LOI you want to receive back from our investor partners. Choose the terms and conditions that are important for your seller, i.e. target price, minimum price, Buyer experience level, number of days to close, preferred escrow amount, etc.


After receipt of your LOI template and additional documentation, we will underwrite the opportunity by using a combination of artificial intelligence and two independent professional underwriters. Then we'll expose it to our 1.6 million qualified investors database like it was a private call to offer.


We will send you all the LOI's that match your terms so you and your Seller can choose which LOI you want to move forward with.


Listing Agents: Please complete the LOI Requirement template below

  • Regarding
  • a
  • unit multi-family property,
  • Located at
  • ["Property/Seller"]

Purchase Price:

A target Price of  

Earnest Money:

An Earnest Money Deposit in the amount of $   will be deposited with the Purchaser’s Escrow Agent within business days after Effective Date. (“Initial Earnest Money Deposit”).

Due Diligence

Inspection :
Purchaser has days from the Effective Date to complete its due diligence investigation.


Financing :
Purchaser’s obligation to purchase the Property shall be subject to Purchaser receiving financing terms and conditions acceptable to Purchaser within
  days after the Effective Date.

End buyer :
The wining offer is subject to the End Buyer demonstrating, to the satisfaction of the seller, that is has proven experience with purchasing and managing properties with a minimum units


Closing date :
The Closing Date of this transaction shall occur at the office on or before the expiration of days after the expiration of the Financing Period or as mutually agreed by the parties. Purchase can extend the contingency period and closing by day options, if necessary due to obtaining the loan. The Closing Date will be:

Commission :
Purchaser will be represented by .The Seller shall be responsible for payment of any broker’s commissions owed as a result of the proposed transaction.
Marketing of Property :
During the Collaboration Period, Seller hereby grants Jointer (and their affiliates) right to market the above described Property. The manner in which the Property shall be marketed and advertised by Jointer will be determined at the sole discretion of Jointer. Marketing shall include, but not be limited to, print advertising and internet advertising.
Non Compete :
Seller and the Listing agent agrees not to sell this Property (including the Seller’s membership interests, partnership interests, common stocks and/or other securities) to Jointer’s end-buyer clients, or any other users of Jointer’s services that Jointer either shares with the Seller or Seller's broker or that locates the Property through Jointer’s services or efforts (collectively, the “Investors”) for a period of 12 months from the date either this Agreement (the “Restricted Period”).

Miscellaneous Terms

The foregoing warranty and representation shall survive the termination or expiration of this Agreement or any Agreement entered into by Seller and Jointer.

    Due diligence information



    • Who is responsible to pay the utility charges?
      •  Water:
      •  Electricity:
      •  Gas:
      •  Sewage:
    • what is the current financing on the property?
    • Any pending or foreseeable law suits?
    • The reason why this property is for sale?
    • Any rehab or Deferred Maintenance needed?
    Materials needed

    • Pics external and internal
    • P&L’S for the last 3 years (or as many that available)
    • P&L for the last 12 months (T12)
    • OM - Offering memorandum (if available)
    • Last appraisal report (if available)
    • Last inspection report (if available)
    • Rent Roll with tenant History for unit that include but it is not limited to
    •   • Move in and out Dates
    •   • Security Deposit on Account
    •   • Employment units
    •   • List any and all units under rent control / Section 8 / other government-housing subsidy
    • History of Bad Debt
    • List of all repairs and improvements needed with costs and dates of work (if available).
    • Status of capital improvements reserve (CapEx)


  • Copies of ad valorem and personal property tax for Property for the three (3) years
  • Bank statements regarding operations at the Property.
  • Copies of all leases and lease applications of tenants.
  • Copies of all service contracts or other contracts relating to the Property
  • Copy of all reports such us termite inspection reports structural reports, foundation reports, and all amendments or changes.
  • Building Permits (building, pool, boiler, mechanical) applied / received by current and past owners.
  • Seller’s existing Phase I Environmental Survey
  • Seller’s existing ALTA extended title insurance policy.
  • All additional pertinent environmental, structural and engineering reports regarding the property in Seller’s possession.
  • All plans and specifications.
  • Closing statements, contracts with addendums and inspection reports to previous sale of property.
  • Who is the Internet Provider for the property?
  • Any and all leases in place for laundry (if there is one).
  • A Letter of Authorization [LOA] seeking information regarding the property is to be executed for the following utilities:
  •   • Electrical
  •   • Water
  •   • Gas
  •   • Sewer
  •   • Garbage and Recycling
  •   • Septic Maintenance
  •   • Pest Control
  •   • Property Insurance
  •   • Property Taxes

Next Steps

  • 1. please sign this LOI Requirements in the space provided below.
  • 2. Upon receipt, we’ll start marketing this opportunity to our data base of qualified investors to find you the right end-buyer that match to your terms.
  • 3. Before drafting the contract we'll provide you with complete information about the end buyer and the buyer's investment experience to get your final consent.

Very truly yours,
Jointer, Inc.


Jude G Regev
Chief Investments Officer

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